Skye Brothers

The Skye Brothers are an abstract artist duo consisting of brothers Liam and Noah Skye from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In early 2012, the siblings – then enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Technology respectively – opted to drop out of their studies, quit their jobs, and burned all bridges to pursue their artistic careers. This is what they have to say...


"Early 2012 we both realized that we were heading towards a life of mediocrity, cubicle suicide so to say, and to be honest, it scared the hell out of us. That’s when we decided to go all in. So, we dropped out of University, quit our jobs, got rid of all the “stuff” we had accumulated over the years and started anew. Little did we know that the heavy purging served as a catalyst for our personal awakening. It was like throwing gasoline on a campfire. With a hunger for greatness and the desire to create it did not take long for us to realize the art world is about the only place where you could do whatever the fuck you want and get away with it.

We can talk about media, techniques and whatnot for days, but we would be missing the point completely. Art is not about that nonsense. Art is about heart, it is about soul. We make art because we have this fire within, a voice that needs to be heard—and we just have to give into it. It is like being a musician; there is this music within, and it just has to come out. We make art because when we leave this world, we want our hearts to be shattered across a thousand different canvases. Like a supernova, we want to leave the world with a firework display of golden hues, love and divine beauty. So, if you want to know what we are about, well, just skip all the nonsense and cut straight to the painfully simple truth: we are here to make fucking music. Art just happens to be our instrument."