Welcome to our website - it's a small extension of our magnificent fine art gallery in central London.  We think if you like the website and find it interesting you will enjoy seeing the works in person even more and we extend an invitation for you to stop in and see us soon.  Even though we try to have interesting angles and photos on our website the images are usually nothing like viewing the original works in person.


We understand that art is a very personal thing to buy and own. We specialize in affordable fine art that you've probably heard about all your life and now you are looking to either start collecting, adding to or refreshing your existing collection.


Whether buying or selling this is where Joseph Fine Art can assist you with no hype, no pressure personal service and advice.


We offer a great selection of only a handful of artists - with our main focus being on Andy Warhol, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein and Donald Sultan, we also offer offer works which we find interesting and offer good value by artists such as Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Julian Opie and Antony Gormley.


It's our belief that whilst the internet provides a great resource it can also be a confusing place to buy. If you were to visit internet art sales platforms such as Artnet and Artsy (both of whom we partner with) you would be forgiven for thinking perhaps the Blue Chip artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Damien Hirst are maybe not a good acquisition as it seems there is a huge number of works being offered for sale.  


The reality is quite different.  If you were to investigate this further you may find that rather than perhaps 25 or 30 examples of a specific edition being offered for sale there are actually only one or two. All of the other listings are dealers or galleries offering works they do not own, they just happen to know of one available they could acquire quickly should you agree to part with your money with them. In order to make a profit they will also need to add a margin onto the price of the work.


Obviously you will get the best deal both in terms of price and transparency by buying from the gallery that actually owns the work. When you visit Joseph Fine Art in London you will find even more art to view in person from our favourite artists than we have listed on our website, and we welcome you to take your time and enjoy the experience along with the ambience of the gallery.


So you see, dealing with a gallery like Joseph Fine Art is not going to actually cost you more than dealing with someone who doesn't actually own the work you are thinking of buying.  





We only offer works of art we own and if it is on the website it is here in the gallery - simple.


You can rest assured the work of art you see on-line is the work you will see in the gallery and the condition of the work meets our high expectations and will exceed yours. 


We also strive to maintain the best possible prices for the works we offer. 


Because we specialise in a relatively small number of artists our staff possess extensive knowledge of the artist that includes the availability of works worldwide, history and provenance, along with prices - both historical and current.


We also offer a selection of works that can be purchased directly on our website so you can shop from the comfort of your home. Your purchases will be carefully packed and shipped to your door.