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Sell Your Art to Joseph Fine Art


 The time has come to sell your artwork and your decision may not have been an easy one to make. We are here to make this part of the deal pleasant and fair.


 Most commonly we hear of the three D’s- Debt, Divorce or Death.


And amazingly with all the talk of investment grade works of art by so many galleries who claim to sell that very thing, very few people actually make any considerable return when selling this ‘prized possession’ you’ve worked so hard to afford - except of course that gallery who sold you the art in the first place.


So it is not surprising that a recent study indicates that while many galleries claim to sell investment grade works, these galleries also may not be able to assist you in the sale of your work. This is because they may represent the artist who provides them artwork at no cost on consignment. You must ask why would they want to ‘buy’ your artwork when they have a stream of new work arriving regularly direct from the artist?  This would be a ‘primary market’ sale to you.


You see these galleries simply focus on that initial sale instead of actually being helpful after the sale.


There is nothing wrong with that but if they are not promoting the artist or there is no demand for the artist or their work outside that gallery, there is not a true secondary market for the artist.


And that is where you may find yourself right now. That is also where our expertise comes in.


We are a source for the secondary market for the artists in whom we regularly offer in our gallery.  So we know the markets and we know our prices.  We know people over pay and undersell and we also know many times you won’t learn that lesson until now.  Again, we can help in some ways.


We can provide you with honest, unbiased information about the acquisition cost of your work as well as a sales price based on true historical prices and interest.


Everyone wants to sell high and buy low no matter what the item.  But that is not always the case in the art world.  Lessons can be expensive so to have the information handy to provide the data to make an informed decision based on all factors is a valuable tool we offer.  Unusual to the art business is something we are known for - honesty.  Many times honesty can be unsettling in the art business but if we can’t help you because it’s an artist we do not specialise in we will refer you to the person best suited to assist you!


Our service is confidential and we offer you professional, expert advice suited to your particular situation.


JFA can acquire your artwork outright or it may benefit you to offer work on consignment.  


Further, there is no need to wait an extended period of time to receive your funds from an auction sale or to have your work exploited on the internet while you are trying to sell privately. By the time your work sells (or in most cases does not sell) the value has been affected and you do not realise the full value of your asset.


Simply complete the questionnaire on our website or contact us by phone or visit our gallery in central London and we will help you - discreetly, honestly and fairly.


Joseph and Fiona