Sell my Banksy

SELLMYBANKSY.COM is a small part of JOSEPH FINE ART which provides a resource to sellers who wish to sell their artwork in a simple and straight forward way and at prices that are fair for all.


Why sell to us?


We are in central London with great transport links.  We sell a lot so we need to buy a lot.  While many galleries look to take works on consignment we prefer to buy outright. 


Because we offers works by less than ten well known artists, we keep up to date on prices to buy and sell.  We know what we are doing and our focus doesn’t change often.  We know our limitations when it comes to customer/client interest and collectability.


We are discerning buyers, looking for works that meet our high expectations as to condition, certification and particular interest.


You will usually obtain a better price dealing with us that an auction house who will usually take up to 30% in commission to sell your artwork - and you won't have to wait for your money!


How to get started


Just give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below, we can discuss your work, give you an indication on price and, if you're happy, arrange an inspection. If all is good we will transfer the money straight away.