Joseph’s first art blog

**Everything you ever wanted to know about art collecting but were afraid to ask or the dealers were afraid to tell you…

Welcome to my first ever art blog. I've decided to create this blog because I think the time has come to have a voice of reason and guidance in the art scene-specifically in the London art scene.


You see, I receive many emails a week from people I've never met who want to sell their art.


Most of the time the messages are from people who have invested their pensions in an art scheme that promised huge returns that will never, ever materialize or from people who have overpaid for no-name artists who are sold in high street galleries and are of no particular interest or exceptional value to the secondary art market.


Sure once in a while there are some interesting things that pop up but overall people are disappointed when I have to tell them what they thought they had was really not an investment at all.  


My intention is to expose the types of things that have happened in kind of a 'spilled milk' scenario where you will learn from the mistakes of others.


So if you have a particular question or topic you'd like covered please send it over by email and I can create some sort of reply in my art blog in due course.


What makes me qualified to do this type of blog?


Firstly, we own a gallery in central London that specializes in works by less than ten artists.  That's saying a lot because there are over 700,000 artists listed on various art aggregator websites.  I have been a collector for many years and we have owned our gallery since 2009- focusing on the works we've been collecting since 1984.  So in all about 36 years of buying and selling art along with a focused business plan and a physical gallery. 


For now I will start by saying there is a reason I was told a long time ago to 'buy the gallery not the art'.


Think about this simple question…I know the answer.  Do you?


If I get all these emails from people who want to sell-why aren't they reaching out to the gallery they bought the art from?


More on this soon…

April 9, 2020