With our release of several new works by the Skye Brothers, I thought it would be a good time to give you the amazing back story to why the work ‘Oh Baby Baby it’s a Wild World’ is so important and a very personal part of our gallery.


You see, for those of you who were not aware, the gallery space many years ago was a family restaurant called the Moulin Rouge.  And many years ago there was a young aspiring singer whose family owned the restaurant who decided his real name wasn’t going to get him a girlfriend so he decided to change his stage name to Cat Stevens.


I have learned that many of the great songs written by Cat Stevens back then were written while he sat on the cast iron spiral staircase that takes you from the ground floor to the lower ground floor. We've spent time with Cat and his family as what is now our gallery is still a very special place to him, the most memorable of which was when he sat on a stool on our lower ground playing an accoustic guitar and signing songs we knew so well.


We have some great photos of Cat in the kitchen preparing food or working in the restaurant, he and his family lived above.  Listening to some of the great songs he’s written and performed always takes me back to think of the days when he would sit on the roof of our building and play his guitar or the times he must have sat in the restaurant at night quietly singing and playing by candlelight.


We all have our memories and they can be triggered by a song, a spoken word, a place or thing that will briefly make us smile and maybe even comfort us.


I recently spent some time with Liam and Noah discussing their works after they completed a series of new originals on canvas created specially for our gallery.


At first I didn’t really understand some of the messages contained in them.  The words seemed familiar for some reason - I had seen something similar in works by Basquiat - but it’s relevance to the gallery wasn’t really something I understood clearly.  Call me dense but sometimes I need to be explained things. You see my background is not art it is finance where 2+2 must equal 4 or else there is something wrong.


It was then that the art became clear to me.


You see the words are just words. The memory is mine. The memory could be yours. It could be imagination or it could be suggestion. Therein lies the art.  


The connection of this particular work to my memory is the art.


We hope the new series of works created by the Skye Brothers touch you in an appropriate manner so you can enjoy the memory it brings to you.

November 10, 2020